How to Plan Your Romantic Inflatable Spas Experience

Inflatable spas are great options for relaxation – no doubt about that. Sitting in inflatable spas can bring you a whole new feeling that would be difficult for you to find the right words to express. If you have once had the experience, you will have an idea of what I am saying. 

Now, this is what it means to have a romantic date in the best inflatable spa. You are at the comfort of your home, which means no stress of transporting you and your lover to and fro the date venue. What’s more? The candles are at your mercy! You can use them to create whatever magic you want – after all, it is your place. 

Looking at the calm, warm water in the inflatable spa and the soul-charming environment is enough to build anticipation throughout the day. And, by the time you and your date finally come into the inflatable spa to have a good time together, you have already set the tone of the romantic night. I bet nothing can break the more profound than usual connection. 

It amazes me not many people consider this unique romantic date venue as a one-of-a-kind- option. They prefer visiting an overrated place where they would spend more than necessary and still don’t have the best privacy. 

Honestly, a romantic soak in an inflatable spa can make your date night a special one. Trust me; you will enjoy every bit of it. 

Having settled that, your next question would be: How do I go about it? Well, that’s why you are reading this article. As you read further, you will learn the best tips and ideas (from experience) specially compiled to help you plan an exclusively romantic adventure. click here to learn more about Inflatable Spa.

Tips and ideas for romantic inflatable spas experience 

Let me start with these few reassuring words. Planning an inflatable spa romantic date is not stressful in any way; instead, it is as fun as the date itself. And, you don’t need to invite people to your house for the preparation; a few helping hands like one or two friends or family members are enough to set up. 

Mind you, before you start setting up, a few details will help make the night memorable. Feel free to use your inflatable spa as the central attraction for the evening. That way, you will make the whole planning a breeze, especially when you care to inspire all the senses. 

Set the Anticipation 

One of the things that make a date particular is creating surprises. What does that mean? Put your partner in the mood to look forward to something special. Some people claim that it is best to keep the whole planning to yourself until the time comes. I would agree, but sometimes it works well if you hint at your partner about what will happen even though they don’t have a perfect picture yet. 

It can be fun to tell your partner during the day to look forward to something relaxing and romantic later in the evening. No crime in that! If you are looking for a unique way to pass the message, I have a few options. 

You could slip a note for your love asking him or her to meet you out in the yard at the time you know you would have finished setting up. Or, better still, you could send a text on your mobile phone to hint your date about something special coming up in the evening. Whichever way you want, make sure you do something that will set the anticipation. And, don’t talk about the inflatable spa yet.

Create a comfy, intimate environment

After you have set the intention, it’s time to start the whole preparation. At this juncture, you have to start putting things together. Things that can make the romantic date evening warm and comfortable. Of course, you can do many things to make your romantic inflatable spa date a unique experience. Do you mind if we try some options? I guess that’s what you are here to learn.

You can start by getting plush robes ready. And, don’t forget two pairs of slippers you and your partner will use to walk to and fro the inflatable spa. You will like to add some more spice. So, I advise you to sprinkle some rose petals along the path to your inflatable spa. It will add a unique touch of romance to the scene.

You will need an extra towel very close to you. Don’t forget to switch your mobile phones and gadgets that can cause a distraction while you are with your partner. The aim is to be present and enjoy every bit of the romantic night in your inflatable spa.

Plan your sights 

Get some unique romantic lighting that can set the perfect mood for your romantic night. If you get that right, you will make your partner forget everything is happening in an inflatable spa. Let me give you some hints. How about timing your soak to be at the exact time sun will be setting? Your partner would love the sights. Better still, you could wait till after dark before you set the ball rolling. Whichever way you would prefer, the idea is to make sure that the entire vicinity shines bright, either naturally or artificially, or both.

Create a romantic playlist 

A date is never complete without complementing sounds—plan for romantic sounds that can set a perfect romantic mood. The best to do that is to find out your partner’s favorite love songs and create a playlist. Music appeals to emotions. What would you instead do than take the advantage to bring your partner closer?

Arrange for light bites

You will need to take something light during the soak in your inflatable spa. Don’t introduce your bigger meal when both of you are in the inflatable spa. It’s best to go when the date is about to over. You can get some fruits with appropriate water contents to keep your mouth busy while talking eye to eye with your partner. You can go for grapes, strawberries, and melon to refresh yourselves while relaxing in the inflatable spa.  

How to Plan Your Romantic Inflatable Spas Experience


Inflatable spas create a whole new relaxing environment. And, if you are sitting in there with somebody special to your heart, you can imagine how romantic that may feel. Where else do you think you can have a date? If not in a mini swimming pool where you have a hundred percent of the temperature control.