Inflatable spa accessories that you must have

Inflatable spa accessories that you must have

Adding accessories to inflatable spas is a fun bonus. When it comes to fashionable options to add to the enjoyment, the sky is the limit. Typical accessories include:

• Easy-to-reach cup holders for beverages or a tray for snacks. Choose from cup holders and trays that float on the water’s surface or adhere snugly to the spa’s edge.

• Non-slip stairs are offered to make accessing and exiting the spa simpler. The steps are made of waterproof material and are located next to the spa for easy access. Depending on the manufacturer, some of the stairs may support up to 159 kg.

• The spa vacuum swiftly removes material such as leaves and other impurities to keep the water looking beautiful.

• A floating thermal blanket helps keep the heat in the spa, lowering your energy bill.

• Weighted hot tub pillows provide head and neck support.

• Spa lights are a great extra. They float in the water to provide much-needed illumination after the sun goes down. The lights are a terrific way to add atmosphere to the overall spa experience.

What else should I know about my inflatable spa?

When purchasing inflatable spas, consider the size of the models you are comparing. They are available in two-person, four-person, and larger sizes. If you intend to have visitors use the hot tub, you should get a larger piece of equipment.

You will come across various warranties depending on the brand. Before making a purchase, always read the fine print of the warranty. Standard warranties are typically two years for mechanical parts and five years for the vinyl exterior. To further secure your purchase, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty in some situations.

Although inflatable spas and hot tubs have tough vinyl sides, they are not designed to withstand a dog or cat’s sharp claws. Furthermore, the hot temperatures of the spa can be harmful to the animal.

FAQ on Inflatable Hot Tub Installation

Q: Can an inflatable hot tub be installed on decking?

If your deck is constructed to withstand that much weight, you may place an inflatable hot tub on it. Consult a decking contractor if you are unsure whether your deck is strong enough. They will inspect your deck and tell you if it is strong enough to support a hot tub or if it needs to be reinforced. When loaded with water, even inflatable hot tubs weigh hundreds of pounds.

Inflatable spa accessories that you must have

Q: Can you keep an inflatable hot tub outside in the rain?

Yes, you may leave an inflatable hot tub outside in the rain. Because it’s a hot tub, the material is waterproof. When not in use, keep the cover on your hot tub. This will prevent rain out of the hot tub water. It will preserve the heat in your hot tub so that it is hot and ready for your next usage.

Q: What should you place under an inflatable hot tub?

If you plan to place your hot tub on grass or other natural surfaces, you need lay down a ground covering. You don’t want grass or rocks cutting and scraping the bottom of your hot tub. A ground covering is still a good idea everywhere else you plan to install an inflatable hot tub. It will insulate the hot tub from the ground. This implies it may heat up and retain heat for a longer period of time. You may improve hot tub performance even more by installing a foam insulating layer. This is when construction foam comes in handy.

Q: How long does it take to put together an inflatable hot tub?

The majority of inflatable hot tubs may be assembled in 15 to 30 minutes. This is used to inflate the hot tub and connect the pumps. It may take some time to fill it with water. Inflatable hot tubs heat the water at a rate of 1 to 2 degrees every hour. Waiting for the water to heat up is the most time-consuming phase of setting up an inflatable hot tub. If your hot tub water is 40 degrees and you want to heat it to 102 degrees, the temperature difference is 62 degrees. It might take up to 62 hours to heat up at 1-2 degrees every hour.

Q: Should I keep my inflatable hot tub filter turned on all the time?

If your inflatable hot tub is full with water, keep the circulation pump turned on. You’ll want to keep filtering the water and keeping the chemicals in the hot tub in good working order. If you do not do this, you may return to your hot tub to find it filled with green swamp water very quickly.

Q: How much power do inflatable hot tubs consume?

The average inflatable hot tub consumes slightly less than 1400 watts of power to power its heater and pumps. The heating element accounts for the majority of it. For the average electricity rate in the United States, that equates to about $130 in electricity per month. Your hot tub’s heater may not need to be turned on all of the time. The less it needs to run, the less it needs to run. Placing your hot tub in a sheltered or heated area will reduce the amount of time it needs to run. To learn more, read our article on inflatable hot tub prices.

Q: Are inflatable spas worth the money?

An inflatable hot tub is thousands of dollars less expensive than a traditional hot tub. For the price of one good regular hot tub, you can buy ten inflatable hot tubs or more. While electricity isn’t free, it’s not a huge expense when you consider how much you saved on the hot tub. It is absolutely worth it to relax in your hot tub in the evening, sucking down a cold one after a long day.

In conclusion

With inflatable spas, you get the best of both worlds: portability and affordability. After a long day of work, climbing into a warm inflatable spa and allowing the bubbles to soothe your aches and pains feels like aqua heaven. Inflatable spas are ideal for both children and adults. They’re also great for getting together with friends and family.